Kurzweil 1000 Expanders
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K1000 keyboard


Jumper pictures from the K1000 / K1200 modules

1000 PX   Below: picture location of jumpers to be moved.  

Below Picture of traces to cut:  Cut one trace (JP04)and connect the other (JP03).  Check work with VOM meter.  It's not essential to check with meter but it's handy and reassuring.  The cut trace will still have resistance because it's still in circuit.  Readings are typically 100-10K and exact value is not important.  If resistance is zero the trace connection needs additional scratching. 

Below picture of 8 button 1000 PX upgraded to Pro1. 


Below picture of an AX:  An AX showing empty sockets that will be filled with chips to make a Pro2.  Notice some chips are not socketed (but they are soldered to the board). This situation allows upgrading to Pro2 only.  The non-removable chips lock you to a particular upgrade destination.  If you have all socketed chips, you can upgrade the board to any Pro series, (but it takes more chips).  This particular upgrade requires 6 sound chips and 4 operating system chips. 


* From the ex-Alzerom site with approval of David B