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PRO 2 sounds / patches from the Kurzweil K1200 *

For downloadable lists and program file downloads go to Programs (patches).
These are the factory setups for banks in the Kurzweil 1200 Pro II Expander. Any Expander upgraded to include the Pro II Roms and OS revision 5 contain these same banks. Banks 200 and 300 contain every unique program. Banks 000 and 100 contain the same programs in a different order.

000 Bank 100 Bank 200 Bank 300 Bank
0=no program assigned
2=Woodwind Splits
3=Stereo Slo String
4=Prs Unison Band
5=Triple Stabs
6=Echoplex E Vln
7=Analog Lead
8=Pluck Horns
9=Synth Orchestra
10=Oriental Dreams
11=Hall Alto
12=Baritone Sax
13=Dual Tenor w/Vib
14=Legato Flute
15=Prs Solo Oboe
16=Prs FHorn Section
17=Solo Clarinet
18=Bas/Orch Timpani
19=Fast Legato Vln
20=Cello / Slo Str
21=EPno & Gat Synth
22=Muted Trumpet
23=VTrig Growl Bone
24=Horn Pad
25=Salt & Pepper
26=Jungle Flute
27=Sweet Horns
28=Far Away Pizz
29=Polished Brass
30=Soft Sax Section
31=Canyon Horns
32=Fade-in Strings
33=Plucked Flute
34=Flute Mallets
35=Warm Organ
36=Steel Drums
37=Plucky Bells
38=Wah Soprano
39=Like a Mini
40=Fusion Brass
41=Orch Solo Violin
42=Orch Solo Cello
43=Vel Strings 1
48=French Horn
50=Open Trumpet
51=Solo Trombone
52=Solo Soft Tenor
53=Medium Tenor Sax
54=Growl Tenor Sax
55=Soft Alto Sax
56=Med Alto Sax
57=Solo Bari SAx
58=Soprano Sax
59=Brass Stabs
60=Pluck This
62=Stereo Sweeps
63=Clav Prs synth
64=Full Organ
66=Solo Violin 2
67=Solo Cello
68=String Section 2
69=Bowed Strings
70=Pizzicato Strings
71=Trumpet & Mute
72=Open Trombone
73=Brass Section 2
74=Fast Leagato Tenor
75=Soft & Med Tenor
76=Sfz Band w/Bari
77=Slo Str & Hrn/Trp
78=Pitzine Whistle
79=Water Winds
80=Quack Soprano
81=pluck synth
82=Orch Piccolo
83=Wendy's Flute
84=Orch Oboe
85=Orch Bassoon
86=Solo Clarinet
87=Triple Strings
88=Dry FHorn Section
89=Bsn & Fhrn Ob & Fl
90=Hall Cel/Vn 1
91=Medium Strings
92=Tremolo Strings
93=Open Trumpet 2
94=Damp Soft Tenor
95=Big Band 2
96=Space Trumpet
97=Pipes & Reeds
98=Electric Violin
99=Sfz Brass Prs Swell
0=no program assigned
1=Oboe & Flute
3=V Trig Sfz Band
4=V Trg Sfz>Trem Str
5=Atk Ctl Woodwinds
6=Chamber Orch
7=Orchestra 1
8=Prs Lead Trumpets
9=Canyon FHrn!Vln
10=Classic Orchestra
11=Prs Brass Section
12=V Trig Stabs
13=Ext Range Prs Sax
14=Prs Cook Synth
15=Electric Lead
16=Jazz Saxophone
17=Trp Sten & Mute
18=Canyon Orch
19=Music Box
20=Pitzine Gurgls
21=Square Pad
23=Tap Flute
24=Prs Soft Alto
25=Dirty Bari
26=Prs Soprano
27=Env Ctl Oboe
28=Prs Solo Bassoon
29=Orch Dyn F Horn
30=Dynamic Timpani
31=Slow Violin
32=Fast Legato Cello
33=Solo str > Harmonics
34=Bright Strings
3S=U-Choose-St Perc
36=Prs Solo Trumpet
37=Prs Unison Brass
38=Prs Dual Tenor
39=Bone & 2 Tenors
40=Mellow Pad
42=Generic Synth 1
43=Killer Bees
44=Resonance Man
45=Plucked Sine
46=V Trig Soft Alto
47=Prs Growl Alto
48=Prs Bright Bari
49=Legato Soprano
50=Bari & Tenor / Altos
51=Ambient Bsn / Oboe
52=Cl & Bsn/Dyn Str
53=Quick Horns
54=Baroque Orchestra
55=Prs Solo Vln 
56=Prs Solo Cello
57=Sl0 str/Violin
58=Flanged Strings
59=Underwater Pizz
60=Jz Tenor/Bonesax
61=Prs Sax Pad 1
62=Ster Trem Harpsi
63=Thongs on Bamboo
67=Slo Strings
68=Big Band 5
69=Ambient Synth
70=Squeeze Box
71=Hammered E Vlns
72=Nasty Analog
74=Perc Strings
75=Solo Alto Sax
76=Prs Synth Horns
77=Fat Synth
78=Ballon Skin
79=Boomin Fizz
80=Strings Sloctave
82=Synth Bass Clar
83=Prs Big Band
84=Mello Brass Pad
86=Falling Flutes
87=Click Organ
90=Hard Atk Stings
91=Canyon Flute
0=no program assigned
1=Orch Solo Violin
2=Solo Violin 2
3=Solo Violin
4=Fast Legato Vln
5=Prs Solo Vln
6=Electric Violin
7=Echo Plex E Vln
8=Orch Solo Cello
9=Solo Cello
lO=Fast Legato Cello
11=Frs Solo Cello
12=Solo 5tr > Harmonics
13=Hall Cel / Vln 1
14=String Section 2
15=Chamber Orch
16=Cello/Slo Str
17=Slo Str/Violin
18=Bowed Strings
19=Medium Strings
20=Slow Strings
21=Vel Strings
22=Stereo Slo Strings
23=Stereo Slo Octave
24=Triple Strings
25=Flanged Strings
26=Bright Strings
27=Hard Atk Strings
28=Pizzicato Strings
29=Underwater Fizz
30=Boomin' Fizz
31=Far Away Fizz
32=U-Choose-It Ferc
33=Ferc Strings
34=Tremol0 Strings
35=VTrg Sfz>Trem Str
36=Orchestra 1
37=Slo 5tr & Horn/Trp
38=Open Trumpet
39=Open Trumpet 2
40=Frs Lead Trumpets
41=Frs Solo Trumpet
42=Muted Trumpet
43=Trumpet & Mutes
44=Solo Trombone
45=VTrig Growl Bone
46=Open Trombone
47=Prs Unison Brass
48=Prs Brass Section
49=Brass Section 2
50=Sfz Brass Prs Swell
51=Solo Soft Tenor
52=Fast Legato Tenor
53=Damp Soft Tenor
54=Medium Tenor Sax
55=Jazz Saxophone
56=Dual Tenor w/Vib
57=Prs Dual Tenor
58=GrowL Tenor Sax
59=Soft & Med Tenor
60=Trem Sten & Mute
61=Bone & 2 Tenors
62=Big Band 2
63=Big Band 5
64=Jz Tenor/Bonesax
65=V Trig Sfz Band
66=Prs Unison Band
67=Canyon Horns
68=Canyon Orch
69=Horn Pad
70=Mellow Pad
71=Prs Sax Pad 1
72=Ambient Synth
73=Prs Synth Horns
74=Space Pad
75=Balloon Skin
77=Sqeeze Box
78=Music Box
80=SterTrem Harpsi
82=Hammered E Vlns
83=Pluck This
84=Thongs on Bamboo
85=Pluck Horns
86=Nasty Analog
87=Click Organ
88=Generic Synth 1
89=Pitzine Gurgls
90=Pitzine Whistle
92=Synth Bass Clav
94=Killer Bees
95=Falling Flutes
97=Salt & Pepper
98=Square Pad
99=Stereo Sweep
0=no program assigned
1=Resonance Man
3=Fat Synth
4=Water Winds
5=EP non & Fat Synth
6=Clav Prs Synth
7=Prs Cook Synth
8=Quack Soprano
10=Pipes & Reeds
12=Warm Organ
13=Like a Mini
14=Analog Lead
15=Electric Lead
17=Tap Flute
18=Plucked Flute
19=Plucked Sine
20=Pluck Synth
21=Plucky Bell
23=Steel Drurns
24=Fussion Brass
25=Synth Orchestra
26=Oriental Dreams
27=Fade-in Strings
28=Flue Mallets
29=Sweet Horns
30-Soft Alto Sax
31=Prs Soft Alto
32=VTrig Soft Alto
33=Hall Alto
34=Med Alto Sax
35=Prs Growl Alto
36=Alto Sax
37=Baritone Sax
38=Prs Bright Bari
39=Dirty Bari
40=Solo Bari Sax
41=Soprano Sax
42=Legato Soprano
43=Prs Soprano
44=Wah Soprano
45=Ext Range Prs Sax
46=Brass Stabs
47=VTrig Stabs
48=Triple Stabs
49=Sofat Sax Section
50=Bari & Tenor/Altos
S1=Polished Brass
52=Prs Big Band
53=Sfz Band w/Bari
54=Space Trumpets
56=Legato Flute
57=Wendy's Flute
58=Orch Piccolo
60=Junqle Flute
61=Canyon Flute
63=Orch Oboe
64=Prs Solo Oboe
65=Env Ctl Obe
67=Orch Bassoon
68=Prs Solo Bassoon
71=Orch Clarinet
72=Solo Clarinet
73=Ogoe & Flute
74=Woodwind Splits
75=Atk Ctl Woodwinds
76=Cl & Bsn/Dyn Str
77=Bsn & FHrn/Ob&Fl
78=French Horns
79=Orch Dyn rnorn
80=Prs FHorn Section
Bl=Dry FHorn Section
82=Mello Barass Pad
83=Quick Horns
84=Canyon FHrn/Vln
87=Dynamic Timpani
88=Bass/Orch Timpani
89=Baroque Orchestra
90=Clasic Orchestra
92=Tuning Note/Click

* From the ex-Alzerom site with approval of David B