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Our Music

Here you will find some of the music the users of Kurzweil 1000 series have created using the Kurzweil 1000 series (unless otherwise indicated)

If you would like to donate your music, please upload the mp3 file and a description to the uploads folder and notify the webmaster.

Include a file (text, htm or doc or whatever) that describes the equipment used, song information and/or other information of interest to the group. The webmaster will move it to this page. Keep the description to a short paragraph. The only other suggestion is that you submit only 1 to 3 songs, and that the majority of the sounds are produced on Kurzweil 1000 series equipment.

MP3 format is preferred. Do not upload copyrighted material. The users group can not assure the material will not be copied. 44kHz, 16bits, Stereo, 64kbps should be sufficient for the web site. If others want the whole enchilada at maximum bit rates they can request you send it to them separately. 

From David Brown (alzerom) 

Boogie Band     This was done with our beloved K1000 series using only a single Pro1 and Pro2.  It's 6 Midi tracks, demonstrating the power of the K1000's.  Compose, record and mix time was about 3 hours.  Completely MIDI, mixed through a single Yamaha REV7 to a DAT tape.  

Pipeline       My brother gave me his Ovation Balladeer.   The Ovation is doing every sound you hear. Five tracks of condenser mic, all digital, recorded dry, mixed dry, effects applied in a single pass through a Lexicon algorithm, and output directly to the MP3 you hear.

Arrivval from Chad 2    14 tracks of Kurzweil on several modules. David wanted to remove Pipeline but.. the webmanager left it.  This is more representative of Kurzweil.  Written in a day I think he said.

From Dennis Spanogle (the kurlewin guy)

Up a Lazy River  This is played by me - recorded track by track onto a Yamaha QX5 Midi sequencer. The Piano, Clarinet, Trumpet, and Bass are from a Kurzweil 1000PX. (The Banjo is from a Yamaha Tx81Z and Drums are Korg DDD-5. These were my first synth setup before I discovered Kurzweil.)

From Fred Paroutaud

Fred is a composer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His music is influenced by film, jazz and orchestral music.

This album of piano music was created using the Kurzweil 1000PX synthesizer. You can sample Fred's music here:


From David Etheridge Enjoy! I hope this will provide some ideas for folks around the world of the 1000 series sounds and their scope and quality.

Devon Sound Track  This is a soundtrack I composed a few years ago for a British newspaper covering the Devon area, hence a few nautical quotes which will be obvious musically. At the time, when the video presentation was shown with music, apparently one of the newspaper's directors said 'I didn't know we could afford Rick Wakeman for this" - which was a very nice complement!
The original used an OSCar for the lead synth, plus JX10 brass; I've transferred the sounds to the Pro 2 (Just like a mini and various brass patches), everything is 1000 modules with the exception of the Supertramp electric piano which is from my Yamaha DX5, plus Boss DR660 drums.

Samba GX and pro1  A Pat Metheny style samba, using the Metheny library guitar on the GX and Amaysing flute from the Pro 1 for the solo in the middle. DR660 drums again.

Hall Strings Two Pro 1s This demonstrates the advantages of more than one module; the Hall Strings line is played on one module, and you can hear the notes cutting off as it exceeds the polyphony. Then it's played again using 2 Pro 1s - notice the difference.

Big Band Jive Two Pro 2 horns  Big Band Jive using Pro 2 horns, with a smattering of JX10 horns for contrast. DR660 tambourine.

Godfather Style Waltz   Featuring acoustic guitars and ensemble and solo strings. DR660 tambourine.

Frazier for Big Band   The theme from Frazier for big band. This is a GM MIDI file from the Just Jazz web site, which is a free download. I suspect that it's been sequenced from the Hal Leonard big band library chart!  I changed the GM patch numbers to suitable equivalents on the Pro 1, 2 and GX.  It sounds far better here than on a GM module.