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PRO 3 sounds / patches from the Kurzweil K1200 *

For downloadable lists and program file downloads go to Programs (patches).
These are the factory setups for banks in the Kurzweil 1200 Pro III Expander. Any Expander upgraded to include the Pro III Roms and OS revision 5 contain these same banks. Banks 200 and 300 contain every unique program. Banks 000 and 100 contain the same programs in a different order.

000 Bank 100 Bank 200 Bank 300 Bank
0=no program assigned
1=Acoust 12 String
2=Chorused E Guit 1
3=Funk Duo
4=Sweet Horns
5=Analog Lead
6=Ext Range Prs Sax
7=Triple Stabs
8=Polished Brass
9=Analog Brass
10=Caster Clav
11=Mute Synth
12=Soft Sax Section
13=Prs Jazz Duo
14=Pedal Steel
15=Nylon String Gtr
16=Mute Rock
17=Wah Soprano
18=Muted Trumpet
19=Dirty Bari
20=Mello Funk Horns
22=Sci Fi Guitar
23=Plucked Bell
24=Fusion Section
25=Yes Bass
26=Touch Ac Bass
27=Jazz Guit Lead
28=Chorused guitar
29=Chorus E Guit 2
30=Gooshy Lead
31=Warm Organ
32=Rock Guitar'
35=Baritone Sax
36=Solo Soft Tenor
37=Medium Tenor Sax
38=Soft Alto Sax
39=Soprano Sax
40=Open Trumpet
41=Solo Trombone
42=Brass Stabs
43=Steel Str Gtr
44=Jazz Guitar
45=Clean Exlectric
46=Acoustic Bass
47=Pick Bass
48=Slap Bass
49=AttCtl Bari Sax
50=Fast Legato Tenor
51=Space Alto
52=Prs Growl Alto
53=Letato Soprano
54=Space Trumpet
55=Trumpet & Mutes
56=Kungle Sax
57=Perc Rhodes
59=Big Stereo Gtr
60=Synth Fretless
61=Sweet Steel
62=Slow Guitars
63=Water Bass
64=Dual Tenor w/Vib
65=Prs Unison Brass
66=Press Me Fuzz Me
67=Fuzz Me
68=Solo Alto Sax
69=Open Trumpet 2
70=Prs Lead Trumpets
71=Open Trombone
72=Brass Section 2
73=Chamber Soft Saxes
74=Fusion Band
75=Sax 0' Bells
76=Synth Bass Clav
77=Vaguely Horns
78=SfzBrass Prs Swell
80=Slow Filter
81=Little Baleringa
82=Log Drums
83=Prs Bright Synth
84=Just Like a Mini
8S=Stryngophone 2
86=Big Mouth Bass
87=Cavern Guitar
88=VTrig Growl Bone
89=Electric Jazz
90=Compressed Rock
91=Drifting Nylons
92=Jazz Saxophone
93=VTrig Stabs
94=Soft & Medium Tenor
95=Env Ctl Med Alto
96=Muted Mutes
97=Sfz Band w/ Bari
98=Sax String Gtr
99=Guitar & Synth
0=no program assigned
1=Electric Sax
2=Symphonic Guitar
3=Ostinato Bass
4=Watery Nylons
5=Elec 12 String
6=Wah Bass
7=SlapBass/E Horns
8=Prs Soft Alto
9=Prs Solo Trumpet
10=Steel Bells
11=Dynamic Keys
12=Krellian Music
13=E Bass/Rock
14=Solo Bari Sax
15=Prs Dual Tenor
16=Prs Soprano
18=VTrig Sfz Band
20=Fussion Brass
21=Trp&SofTen & Mute
22=Processed Steel
23=Hard Atk Nylon
24=WahWah Jazz Guitar
25=Resonance Man
27=Muff Pluck Soprano
28=Digital Rhodes
30=Guitar Keys
31=Nylon & Steel
32=Space Delay
34=Big Band 2
35=Mello Brass Pad
36=new Age Acoustic
37=Rock -> Harm
38=Flanged Jazz Guitar
39=24 St Acous-Elec
40=Dual E Bass
41=Synth Bass
42=Growl Tenor Sax
43=Prs Big Band
44=Fade-in Sax
45=Pseudo Strings
46=Submerged winds
47=Stero Sweep
48=Bone & 2 Tenors
49=Bari & Tenor/Alto
50=Tingle Things
51=Rock Klav
52=Punch Bass
53=Prs Brass Section
54=Plucked Soprano
55=Big Band 5
56=Big Organ
58=Monster Bass
59=Med Alto Sax
60=Synth Horns
Ql=Video Games
62=LFO Phase
63=Dark Phazer
64=Mute Syynth Lead
67=Tuning Note 2
0=no program assigned
1=Steel String Gtr
2=Acoustic 12 String
3=Cavern Guitar
4=Processed Steel
5=Chorused guitar
6=New Age Acoustic
7=Big Stereo Guitar
8=Nylon String Gtr
9=Hard Atk Nylon
10=Nylon & Steel
11=Drifting Nylons
12=Watery Nylons
13=Jazz Guitar
14=Wah Wah Jazz Gtr
15=Flanged Jazz Gtr
16=Jazz Guit Lead
17=Electric Jazz Gtr
18=Clean Electric
19=Chorus E Guit 1
20=Chorus E Guit 2
21=Tremolo Guitar
22=Elec 12 String
23=Pedal Steel
24=24 St Acous-Elec
25=Rock Guitar
27=Muted Mutes
29=Rock Harm
30=Mute Rock
31=Compressed Rock
33=Symphonic Guitar
34=Fuzz Me
35=Pres Me Fuzz Me
36=Acoustic Bass
37=Touch Ac Bass
38=Pick Bass
39=Slap Bass
40=Dual E Bass
41=Yes Bass
42=Ostinato Bass
43=Big Mouth Bass
44=Punchy Bass
45=Monster Bass
46=Synth Bass
47=Synth Fretless
48=Wah Bass
49=Water Bass
50=E Bass / Rock
51=Prs Jazz Duo
52=Slap Bass / E Horns
53=Funk Duo
54=Baritone Sax
55=Dirty Bari
56=Solo Bari Sax
57=AltCtl Bari Sax
58=Solo Soft Tenor
59=Fast Legato Tenor
60=Medium Tenor Sax
61=Jazz Saxophone
62=Dual Tenor w/Vib
63=Prs Dual Tenor
64=Growl Tenor Sax
65=Soft Alto Sax
66=Prs Soft Alto
67=Space Alto
68=Med Alto Sax
69=Prs Growl Alto
70=Solo Alto Sax
71=Env Ctl Med Alto
72=Soprano Sax
73=Legato Soprano
74=Prs Soprano
75=Wah Soprano
76=Ext Range Prs Sax
77=Grand Trumpet
78=Open Trumpet
79=Prs Solo Trumpet
80=Space Trumpet
81=Muted Trumpet
82=Trumpet & Mutes
83=Solo Tromboane
84=VTrig Growl Bone
85=Open Trombone
86=Brass Stabs
87=VTrig Stabs
88=Triple Stabs
90=Prs Lead Trumpets
91=Prs Unison Brass
92=Prs Brass Section
93=Brass Section 2
94=Sfz Brass Prs Swell
95=Soft & Med Tenor
96=Trp & SofTen & Mute
97=Bone & 2 Tenors
98=Big Band 2
99=Big Band 5
0=no program assigned
1=VTrig Sfz Band
3=Prs Big Band
4=Polished Brass
S=Soft Sax Section
6=Chamber Soft Saxes
7=Bari &Tenor/Altos
8=Mello Brass Pad
9=Plucksynth a
10=Mello Funk Horns
11=Fusion Section
12=Fusion Band
13=Analog Brass
14=Fusion Brass
16=Fade-in Sax
17=Sweet Steel
18=Sweet Horns
19=Resonance Man
20=Synth Horns
21=Vaguely Horns
22=Pseudo Strings
23=Sci Fi Guitar
24=Slow Guitars
25=Slow Filter
27=Stereo Sweep
28=Dark Phazer
29=Submerged Winds
30=Plucked Bell
31=Sax 0' Bells
32=MuffPluck Soprano
33=Tingle Things
34=Little Ballerina
35=Plucked Soprano
36=Steel Bells
37=Log Drums
38=Digital Rhodes
39=Perc Rhodes
40=Guitar & Synth
42=Caster Clav
43=Synth Bass Clav
44=Rock Clav
45=Prs Bright Synth
46=Guitar keys
47=Mute Synth Lead
48=Mute Synth
49=Dynamic Keys
50=Big Organ
51=Warm Organ
52=Electric Sax
53=Just Like a Mini
54=Analog lead
55=Gooshy Lead
56=Space Delay
59=Stryngophone 2
61=Sax String Gtr
62=Jungle Sax
63=Video Games
64=LFO Phase
66=Surf / Seagulls
67=Krellian Music
68=Tuning Note 2

* From the ex-Alzerom site with approval of David B