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A support site for Kurzweil 1000 series music keyboards and expanders
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Other sites for Kurzweil 1000 Series Users

Here you will find links to other web sites related to Kurzweil stuff and sites of members of the Kurzweil K1000 K1200 users group or just sites the webmaster found interesting but related to Kurzweil. To get your link on this page, contact the users group or send a bribe to the webmaster. His contact is on the home page at the bottom. All of these links will open a new copy of your browser.

Kurlewin:  The webmaster's Windows Librarian for 1000 series.

Art Guy Keyboard Fix:  Steve contributed this keyboard fix to the site. His his artwork home page is at stevedellamaggiora.

Chips: (Here is where you can get chips burned.)

Steve at EProm Pro can burn the chips for your Kurzweil 1000 series upgrade. Before you contact Steve, it would be a good thing to read all of the information in the Upgrades section and understand the process and what upgrade you want.  You will also want to open up your unit and check what ROMs you currently have, what mother board you have and other items that Steve will need to know. The kurzweil page is located here http://www.eprompro.com/kurzweil.html . Check out other services on Steve's home page at EPromPro.com

Matt at Matt's Basement Arcade can also burn roms for you. As mentioned above, be sure to have all your information available when you contact him. His page is located here: https://mattsbasementarcade.com/kurzweil/

Repairs: (Here are some places to get repairs done.)

W D Greenhill & Co, 1 Oxford Road, Rochford, SS4 1TG, UK. wdgreenhill.com
On-site repairs to all makes of electronic musical instruments throughout the UK.
Europe's largest independent stockist of electronic, mechanical parts and manuals for all makes of electronic musical instruments. Our library exceeds 6000 manuals.
Agents for Hammond - Kawai - Technics - Yamaha - Korg and most makes, including European models
Note: For Kurzweil semiconductors and manuals etc., click on the A to Z list at the upper right of the home page.

Advanced Musical Electronics in LA, USA

Synth Service Centre, London England

DGaudio in Seatle Washington http://www.dgaudiorepair.com/
   And, a plug for Duane Garvin, Kurzweil's premiere tech. He can talk to you on the phone and tell you what board (s) to send him and fix it in short order. He was the top guy at Kurzweil for repairs, returns and warranty. He will talk on the phone and works out of his own workshop. We couldn't ask for more. I have talked to many people who have been COMPLETELY satisfied with his techinical expertise.

 VINTAGE PLANET  http://www.senso.dds.nl/  
They have parts for Kurzweil (Arnold Chips).
They do bits for any number of manufacturers, you'll have to scroll down to the K (for Kurzweil) section.