Kurzweil 1000 Expanders
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K1000 keyboard


GX sounds / patches from the Kurzweil K1000 *

For downloadable lists and program file downloads go to Programs (patches).
This list is from a unique user's GX Expander - revision 5 OS. These may be user generated banks.

000 Bank 100 Bank    
0=no program assigned
1=Steel Guitar
2=Acous 12 String
3=Cavern Guitar
4=Processed Steel
5=New Age Acoustic
6=Big Stereo Gtr
7=Nylon String Gtr
8=Hard Atk Nylon
9=Nylon & Steel
10=Drifting Nylons
11=Juicy Nylons
12=Watery Nylons
13=Jazz Guitar
14=Mod Wah Jazz Gtr
15=Smooth Jazz Gtr
16=Flanged Jazz Gtr
17=Electric Gtr
18=Clean Electric
19=Chorus Elec Gtr
20=Chor Elec Gtr 2
21=Temolo Guitar
22=Elec 12 String
23=Elec-Acous 12 St
24=24 St Acous-Elec
25=Rock Guitar
27=Muted Mutes
31=Leslie Rock Gtr
32=Compressed Rock
34=Symphonic Guitar
35=Layered Guitars
36=Fuzz Me
37=Press Me Fuzz Me
38=Acoustic Bass
39=Pick Bass
40=Slap Bass
41=Dual E Bass
42=Big Mouth Bass
43=Punch Bass
44=Monster Bass
45=Synth Bass
46=Synth Fretless
47=Wah Bass
48=Water Bass
49=E Bass/Rock
50=Dual Bass/ Rock
51=Jazz Duo
52=Electric Duo
53=Funk Duo
54=Digital Rhodes
55=Perc Rhodes
56=Klavier 1
57=Klavier 2
59=Rock Klav
60=Jazz Keys
61=Guitar Keys
62=Synth Harp
63=Auto Chord
0->27=no programs assigned
30=Little Ballerina
31=Steel Bells
32=Syn Lead in 5ths
33=Fat Synth
34=Guitar Synth
35=Mutant Synth
36=Synth Synth
37=Synth Horns
38=Vaguely Horns
39=Pseudo Strings
40="Classy" Strings
41=Sci Fi Guitar
44=Slow Guitars
45=Slow Filter
46=Slow Jazz Synth
47=Synth Bassoon
49=Synth Sitar
50=Log Drums
51=Ambient Organ
52=Spaceshot Organ
53=Spaceshot Lead
54=Space Delay
55=Space Dulcimer
56=Krellian Music
57=Surf/ Seagulls
59=Tunning Note

* From the ex-Alzerom site with approval of David B