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K1000 keyboard


PRO 1 sounds / patches from the Kurzweil K1200 *

For downloadable lists and program file downloads go to Programs (patches).
These are the factory setups for banks in the Kurzweil 1200 Pro I Expander and the K1200 Pro 76 keyboard. PX Expanders and K1000 keyboards upgraded to include all sample ROMs and OS revision 5 contain these same banks. Banks 200 and 300 contain every unique program. Banks 000 and 100 contain the same programs in a different order.

000 Bank 100 Bank 200 Bank 300 Bank
0=no program asigned
1=Q Orchestra
3=Hardstrike Piano
4=GateRock Drm
5=Perc Ensemble
6=Yes Bass
7=Fluid E Piano
8=Chorused Electric Guitar
9=Grand Strings
10=Tenor Sax
11=Echoplex Flute
12=Prs Big Band
14=Echo Marimba
15=Warm Organ
16=Steel String Gtr
17=Ostinato Bass
18=Big Kick & Snare
20=Pluck Synth 1
21=Just Like a Mini
22=Jungle Flute
23=Tingle Things
24=Prs Analog Trumpet
25=Fat Synth
26=Syth Orchestra
27=Bright Marimba
28=Steel Drums
29=Prs Growl Tenor
30=Triangle Things
31=Texture Synth
32=Surf / Seagulls
33=Bats Away
34=Br Bass / EPiano
35=Delay Dulcimer
36=Dual Bass
37=Clean Kit 1
38=Rap Kit
39=Gated Congas
40=Hydro Klav
41=Canyon Horns
42=aMaysing Flute
43=Synth Bass Lead
44=Space Filter
45=Fusion Brass
47=Fluid Pluck Marimba
49=Mel Room Sax
50=Reverb Flute
52=Prs Lead Trumpets
53=String & Choir Pad
54=Long Horns
55=Sister Ship
56=Alien War
57=Ballad Piano
58=X fade E Piano
59=Fuzz E Piano
60=Acous 12 String
61=Kit w/Rvs Cymbal
62=Distorted Mutes
63=Dist Mutes Sths
64=Monster Rock Drum
65=Tappy Triangle
66=Snth Banjo
67=Plucked Flute
68=Gooshy Lead
69=Alien Voice Lead
70=Guitar Wave Lead
71=New Age Piano
72=Wood n Air
73=Fast Strings
75=Fast Choir
76=Chamber Band
77=Horn Section
78=Baritone Horn
80=Breath Pad
81=Clock Works
82=Slow Cymbals
83=Studio Piano 2
84=Grand & Electric
8S=Wendy's Flute
86=Wah Bass
87=Brums & Congas
88=Cave Tribe
89=Synth Kalimba
90=Dyn Analog Lead
91=Drawbars 2
92=Organ w Preslie
93=Guitar & Synth
95=Synth Hrpschrd
96=12 String & Strings
97=E Piano Pad
98=Slow Guitars
99=Bells wl Echo
0=no program assigned
1=Koto Orch
2=Grand Piano
3=Chorused E Piano
4=Bass Piano Guitar
5=Water Bass
6=Tough AC Bass
7=Gate Echo 76 Kit
8=16 Kit / Roll/ Perc
11=Resonance Man
13=Clav Organ 2
14=Gogo Marimba
15=Plucked Harp
16=Hybrid Synthbrass
17=Syn Brass & Str
18=Stereo SloString
19=Slow Vibes
20=Fluid Piano
21=Electric Organ
22=Prs Vib Trumpet
23=E Pno & PopFlute
24=Bell & String
25=Slapback Strings
26=Brt A Bass%Piano
27=Piano & Slow Str
28=Sub Mergence
31=Solo Trumpet
32=Hybrid Voices
33=Fluid Vibes
34=Synth Strings
35=Vel & Prs Strings
38=Full Stops
39=Ser Trem Vibes
40=New Age Marimba
41=Slow Strings
42=Echo Guitar
43=E Pno w/ Bell
44=Stero Rock Piano
45=St Trem E Pno
46=Honky Tonk Piano
47=Piano & Organ 2
48=Slow Reed Pad
49=Krellian Falls
50=Prs Brt Tenor Sax
Sl=Ster Extnd Piano
52=Dual E Piano
53=Acoustic Bass
54=Yes Bass
55=Lead Guitar 1
56=Synth Fizz 1
57=Analog Brass
58=Cathedral Choir
59=Bell & Choir
61=Bamboo Flute
62=Dark Phazer
63=Q Orchestra
0=no program assigned
1=Grand Piano
2=Hardstrike Piano
3=Ster Extnd Piano
4=Ballad Piano
S=Studio Piano 2
6=Honky Tonk Piano
7=Piano & slow Str
8=Dual E Piano
9=Xfade E Piano
10=Chorused E Piano
11=Fluid E Piano
12=St Trem E. Piano
13=Grand & Electric
14=Stereo Rock Piano
1S=Fuzz E Piano
16=E Pno w/Bell
17=E Piano Pad
18=E Pno & Pop Flute
19=Pr Bass! E Pno
20=Steel String Gtr
21=Acoust 12 String
22=Chorused guitar
23=12 String & String
24=Bass Piano Guitar
2S=Delay Dulcimer
26=Acoustic Bass
27=Brt A Bass%Piano
28=Touch Ac Bass
29=Dual Bass
30=Yes Bass
31=Water BAss
32=Ostinato Bass
33=Wah Bass
34=Distorted Mutes
35=Dist Mutes Sths
36=Lead Guitar 1
37=Echo guitar
38=Clean Kit 1
39=Gate Rock Drm
40=Big Kick & Snare
41=Kit w Rvs Cymbal
42=Gate Echo 76 Kit
43=Monster Rock Drm
44=16 Kit!Roll!Perc
45=Rap Kit
46=Drums & Congas
47=Gated Congas
48=Perc Ensemble
50=Cave Tribe
51=Tappy Tianble
52=Echo Marimba
53=Guitar & Synth
56=Synth Hrpschrd
57=Synth Banjo
58=Synth Kalimba
59=Synth Pizz 1
60=Canyon Horns
61=Plucksynth 1
64=Plucked Flute
65=Just Like a Mini
66-AMaysing Flute
67=Gooshy Lead
68=Dyn Analog Lead
69=Jungle Flute
70=Alien Voice Lead
71=Synth Bass Lead
72=Guitar Wave Lead
73=Bells W/Echo
74=Ting1e Things
75=New Age Piano
76=Space Filter
77=Resonance Man
78=PrsAnalog Trumpet
79=Ana1og Brass
80=Fusion Brass
81=Fat Synth
82=Wood'n Air
83=Hybrid Synth Brass
84=Syn Brass & Str
85=Synth Orchestra
86=Synth Strings
87=Grand Strings
88=Koto Orch
89=Fast Strings
90=Slow Strings
91=Vel & Prs Strings
93=Slapback Strings
94=Stereo SloStrings
95=Bell & String
96=Plucked Harp
98=Bright Marimba
99=Gogo Marimba
0=no program assigned
1=Fluid Pluck Marimba
2=New Age Marimba
4=Fluid Vibes
5=SterTrem Vibes
6=ABass+Ride& Vibes
7=Steel Drums
9=Fast Choir
10=Cathedral Choir
11=Bell & Choir
12=Hybrid Voices
13=Tenor Sax
14=Prs Growl Sax
15=Mel Room Sax
16=Prs Brt Tenor Sax
18=Reverb Flute
19=Wendy's Flute
20=Echoplex Flute
21=Bamboo Flute
23=Chamber Band
24=Prs Big Band
25=Horn Section
26=Solo Trumpet
27=Prs Vib Trumpet
28=Prs Lead Trumpets
29=Baritone Horn
30=Warm Organ
31=Electric Organ
32=Organ w/Preslie
33=Drawbars 2
34=Full Stops
35=Clav Organ 2
36=Piano & Organ 2
37=Dynamic Orchestra
38=Fluid Piano
39=Orchestra 2
40=String & Choir Pad
41=Slow Vibes
42=Slow Vibes
43=Triangle Strings
44=Q Orchestra
46=Slow Guitars
47=Long Horns
48=Texture Synth
49=Breath Pad
50=Slow Read Pad
51=Dark Phazer
52=Krellian Falls
54=Sister Ship
55=Clock Works
59=Sub Mergence
60=Bats Away
61=Slow Cymballs
62=Alien War
63=Tuning Note / Click

* From the ex-Alzerom site with approval of David B